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Detox Me : Exfoliating Clay Shampoo

Detox Me : Exfoliating Clay Shampoo

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Mineral foaming clay scrub that's infused with over 92 minerals that will help cleanse and detox the scalp. The perfect treatment for congested follicles🙌🏼


Key Ingredients:

  • Aquamarine Kelp
  • Bentonite Clay
  • Volcanic Ash
  • Stimulating Botanical Blend


Directions: Directions: Apply to wet scalp and detangled hair ONLY, apply to your scalp in sections, then massage in light circles( do not scrub your scalp too hard). Let sit for up to 15 mins, wet your hair, lather, then rinse. Please follow with your favorite PH balanced shampoo. Do this 1-4x per month.