Diastem Skin Care System

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DiaStem is plant-powered skincare system that was created to infuse minerals and vitamins directly into the skin. By doing this DiaStem increases hydration, elasticity, and collagen production of the areas it's used on.
DiaStem Mask: This hybrid mask acts as a hydrating and exfoliating mask. Because of its preparation we were able to harness the live stem cells of the plants harvested to create this mask which means, that your face and body may heal at faster rate, increase college production, reduce pore size, diminish scars, and act as a natural botox treatment for your face.
DiaStem Toner: This toner features an all natural blend of organic herbs and plants that will reduce the bacteria on the face, help with ance breakouts, and reduce inflammation. It is also ph balanced to repair and restore the acid mantle of the skin as a whole.
DiaStem Cleanser: Features all natural plant extracts that will calm, cleanse and prep the skin for our mask and cleanse the excess sebum out of your pores.
DiaStem Souffle: Features Rose Absolute and other ingredients to ensure proper hydration and healing of the skin no matter where it's used! This moisturizer is 100% water free to increase it's lasting power for all day hydration.