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Rose Quartz Detox Shampoo

Rose Quartz Detox Shampoo

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Gem's!!! Do you have resistant hair? What about congested follicles? Or super a super oily or flaky scalp? Well, let me tell you this is the shampoo for you! 

We formulated this shampoo to exfoliate, treat, and detox the scalp with 100% water soluble exfoliants extracted from plants, solid minerals and herbs. 

This is the perfect treatent for usage 1-4x permonth.


  • Imported Brazillian Clay
  • Our Exfoliating Plant Extract
  • Higher Yet Safe PH of 7

This shampoo is not created for regular daily usuage. It is a detoxifying treatment.

A great paring for this product for SUPER hydration is the Quenched Gem Deep Conditioner!!!